These fascinating freshwater shrimp normally grow to about 1 to 1.5 inches long. The largest females max out at 2 inches.

Both Dream Blue Velvet and Red Cherry shrimp are the same species: Neocaridina davidi. For this reason they need to be kept in separate tanks to keep them breeding true to color.

I aggressively cull shrimp to keep my shrimp the deepest red, yellow, blue, and orange possible.

I currently have Red Cherry (many Sakura grade), Dream Blue Velvet, Goldenback Yellow, Red Rili (Red & White), and Orange colored shrimp.

For availability, see current auctions under Mysteryguy on Aquabid. My good buddy and mentor, Mike from Watertown, WI (aka Mysteryguy), helps me out by running auctions and shipping fish. He's also got his own amazing fish you'll want to check out!