Goodbye 45 gallon, Hello 38 gallon…

A 45 gallon tank is the same footprint as a 30 long or a 38, so they all fit on the same stand. Being vertically challenged, though, it’s difficult for me to reach the bottom of the 45 – the tank is just a little too tall. So last week I tore down the 45, and today set up my new 38 gallon for shrimp.

I used black EcoComplete substrate, and “mountain stone” and a piece of driftwood for hardscape materials. There is currently a piece of lacerock holding down the driftwood, but I will replace that with some black river stone when my LFS gets more in.

It is planted with a Kleinar Bar sword on the left, a couple of Crypt Parva, a piece of pennywort that I hope will climb the driftwood, corkscrew val behind the driftwood, and a small Crypt Undulata (I think) on the far right. A glass bowl with a dwarf lily is also in the tank, although I’m not sure that’s staying forever.

I’ve stocked the tank with my new Goldenback Yellow Neocaridina shrimp. Hoping for a population explosion soon!

38 gallon with only substrate and hardscape

38 gallon planted shrimp tank

38 gallon planted shrimp tank

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