New Arrivals – Shrimp, Corydoras, Guppies

Another great MAAH (Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists) meeting and auction yesterday! Here are my new additions:

Goldenback Yellow Shrimp:

Goldenback Yellow Shrimp

Orange Shrimp:

Orange Shrimp

Japan Blue Guppies (so hard to get good pictures of!) – this line will throw Top Sword, Double Sword, and plain tails:

Japan Blue Guppies

Japan Blue Guppies

Blue Grass Guppies (from my buddy Mike, aka Mysterguy on Aquabid):

ATFG Blue Grass Guppies

ATFG Blue Grass Guppies

Corydoras Pygmaeus (adorable mid-water schooling corys!):

Corydoras Pygmaeus

2 thoughts on “New Arrivals – Shrimp, Corydoras, Guppies”

  1. Hey I just won a bid for some of your wonderful koi swordtails from Mysteryguy on aquabid.. The videoes and pictures of what I seen look very nice.. I viewed your beautiful fish on this site as well.. You have some very nice strains.. Will be interested in more soon.. Just wanna say thank you for the swordtails and keep up the great work.. Dave, West Virginia

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