New Arrivals – Shrimp, Corydoras, Guppies

Another great MAAH (Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists) meeting and auction yesterday! Here are my new additions:

Goldenback Yellow Shrimp:

Goldenback Yellow Shrimp

Orange Shrimp:

Orange Shrimp

Japan Blue Guppies (so hard to get good pictures of!) – this line will throw Top Sword, Double Sword, and plain tails:

Japan Blue Guppies

Japan Blue Guppies

Blue Grass Guppies (from my buddy Mike, aka Mysterguy on Aquabid):

ATFG Blue Grass Guppies

ATFG Blue Grass Guppies

Corydoras Pygmaeus (adorable mid-water schooling corys!):

Corydoras Pygmaeus

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